Planting The Seed

In 2012, our church began a thriving community ministry with a few pallets, some soil, and a handful of seeds. A few of us looked at our empty back parking lot and saw an opportunity to reach out to people from all walks of life through a community garden.

We started with some good advice from the Master Gardeners of Orange County who showed us the ins and outs of a format called square gardening. We started small, with just four 4×4 foot raised planters constructed from wooden shipping pallets.

Our dream sprouted quickly.┬áNow, thanks to the work of church volunteers and donations from the community, we now host about 80 of our 4×4 foot gardening spaces. We also built and sponsor garden boxes for a few classrooms at College Park Elementary School.

In addition to the gardening boxes, we also have a space where the church has planted corn, beans, and pumpkins. Come this Halloween, bring your little-ones by for a Harvest Party! Keep your eyes open for more announcements.

Check out our Community Garden Facebook page to see how things are growing!


Join Us!

Those interested need only contact us (see our contact page!), and we will set them up with a garden box filled with soil. We provide a few seeds and all the water your plants need to grow. The best part? This is all FREE to anyone in the Costa Mesa community. The church campus area where the boxes are hosted is open from 6 am (or sunrise during wintertime) to dusk everyday for you to visit.

All we ask is that ten percent of what you grow in your planter is given to someone in the community who is in need. For example, you could donate your ten percent by giving veggies to a food bank or a neighbor in need. We do this because we think giving back to the community and reaching out to others in need is an important part of living a good life.

box 4

How This Works

The Community Garden operates thanks to the donated time of volunteers. Our garden team builds the boxes, manages the soil and compost pile, brings in the water you’ll find waiting by your planter everyday, and many other details. Donations from community organizations, such as the Huntington Beach Home Depot, also help make the garden possible. Our church is extremely grateful to the Master Gardeners of Orange County and for our volunteers and donors who help our church provide this community ministry.