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Caring Kitchen

Volunteers have been serving hot meals every Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:30 PM since 1983. We also make a Bible study and a movie available to guests who are interested.

Caring Kichen is a weekly reminder of God’s love, and our dedicated volunteers believe He cares for ALL people. Jesus said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” From tiny babies to gray-haired grandmas, we see Jesus in every person we feed. And just like Jesus, we believe in the value of meeting people’s physical AND spiritual needs. We demonstrate our care for others with the hope that it will open their hearts to the life-changing knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Check out the Caring Kitchen Facebook page to see more about this exciting ministry.

History of Caring Kitchen

The Caring Kitchen began when a small group of ladies from the Costa Mesa Church of Christ studied their Bibles and realized you can’t say you’re a Christian and then turn your back on others in need. They concluded God wanted them to feed hungry people. So, they made a few casseroles that first week and only one person showed up. But word travels fast on the street, and soon Caring Kitchen grew from one person to many.

In 1984, Cheri Druschel started helping with the meals and has done most of the cooking ever since. Caring Kitchen serves about 100-200 plates per week with a high of 400 at Thanksgiving time. Caring Kitchen is supported financially and prayerfully by the Costa Mesa Church of Christ and by gracious donors. Our workers are all unpaid volunteers.

Join Us!

Come be a part of our weekly family who helps feed and clothe those who are homeless or in need on Tuesday nights. Everyone is welcome to sign up. Serving people who are hungry or without in other ways is something Jesus wanted us to do. These nights can sometimes be tough but are also rewarding, for both the servers and the served.

We generally begin food preparation and set-up at 2:30 pm. We begin serving our guests at about 5:30. Dinner time ends at 6:30 and clean up begins and may last until 8 pm. Come join-in at anytime during this process. We welcome and appreciate any time you have to serve and also understand if you have a time commitment later in the evening and must leave early.

Please fill out the form below so we can know you’ll be helping out on the Tuesday night team!

Community Partners

Lake Forest Panera Crew

Lake Forest Panera Crew

Being able to serve and help others requires many hands working together to make a real difference. We are so blessed and thankful for our community partners who, together, give hope to those who come to us for a meal. Thanks Lake Forest Panera Bakery and other anonymous donors.