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02/1/2015 – Free At Last

01/18/2015 – Open Doors

01/11/2015 – Whatever You Do pt2

01/04/2015 – Whatever You Do

12/14/2014 – Immanuel

12/7/2014 – New Clothes

11/16/2014 – Know Where You Live

11/02/2014 – Living a Life Full and Free in Christ

10/12/2014 – GOOD NEWS

09/14/2014 – Christ-No More No Less

09/07/2014 – Love One Another

08/31/2014 – Jesus’ Encounter with the Enemy

08/24/2014 – Encounters with Jesus-A Mother’s Request

08/10/2014 – Message – The Ultimate Question

07/27/2014 – The Insider – Nicodemus

07/20/2014 – Outcast

07/13/2014 – Second Chances

07/06/2014 – Encounters With Jesus — Getting Faith

06/22/2014 – Does Prayer Change God?

06/15/2014 – Unanswered Prayer

06/08/2014 – Prayer! The Secret Strength

06/01/2014 – Ask and Receive

04/27/2014 – In View of God’s Mercy

04/20/2014 – Cardboard Testimony – Hope And a Future

04/13/2014 – Palm Sunday

04/06/2014 – God’s Story in You – Cindy and Stephanie’s Testimony

03/23/2014 – Islanders vs Connected

02/23/2014 – Revival by the Book

02/16/2014 – Fully Committed

02/09/2014 – That Which Can Be Known About God – (Guest Speaker – Larry Jorgenson)

02/02/2014 – Light the Fire

01/26/2014 – From Ichabod to Ebenezer

01/19/2014 – Praying for His Presence

01/12/2014 – Humble Ourselves Before God

01/05/2014 – Renew Us


grownewAs we kicked off our Community Garden on October 12, 2013, I have witnessed the seeds that were planted by our Community friends begin to grow. I see life taking place in a dead seed transformed to a living plant that will
provide food for many people. Growth is a part of nature and growth is a part of God’s desire for each and every one of us. Everything that God created is to grow and produce after its kind. When you see life taking place, nature reflecting the beauty of its creation it radiates the glory of God.

Well, we are created in the image of God and so we
are to grow as He designed us to grow; to be more like Him. Paul tells us to be imitators of Him, His Son, Jesus Christ and when we grow to be like Him it gives glory to God. Likewise, this is true of His church as well. God calls His church to go and partner with Him to grow His
Kingdom. He says don’t worry about the growth or increase, you just water and plant and I will cause the growth to happen. The key is WE have to water and plant.

In this series, “GROW”, I want us to look at three areas of growth.
Grow in our worship to God where we will discover how to connect to God in worship and grow closer to Him
Grow in our Community. Here we will discover how we can connect with our community and grow in our relationship to our community.
Grow in our service to one another and to a lost world. As we serve one another we will grow closer together as a family of God and as we serve this broken world we will grow to be more like Jesus… and this will give glory to God.

Come and partner with God and let’s GROW!

12/15/2013 – Glory to God

12/8/2013 – Joy to the World

11/10/2013 – Connecting with God

11/3/2013 – Grow

I AMsm

10/27/2013 Faith – Holding on when things go Wrong – Josh Davidson (guest preacher)

10/20/2013 – I Am the true Vine

10/13/2013 – I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life

9/8/2013 – I Am

9/1/2013 – I am the Bread of Life

SermononthemountHow does God want us to live in this world that is broken and fallen? The bible tells us “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. None of us are untainted. As Christians, being followers and believers in Jesus, God calls us to live in such a way that it gives Him glory. So how do we know how to give glory to God by the way we live? I believe the “Sermon on the Mount” gives us God’s road map for how He wants us to live, laying out the way that ultimately will give Him glory.

I would like to invite you to come join with us on this journey discovering how to give Glory to God in your life. We will begin by analyzing your relationship with God and the focus of this journey will be where is your heart. Is your heart completely His or are you just giving God what you want and not surrendering everything?

This journey will also take us down paths and roads we have already traveled and then challenge us to take a different course rather than the one we have always traveled. It is a journey that will challenge us to live “Upside Down” compared to this world’s way of life. In addition we will be challenged to look at every aspect of our spiritual walk with God and our neighbors.
Are you willing to embark on this journey? Do you feel a need of direction in your life on how to give real glory to God? I strongly encourage you, your friends, your family and your neighbors to come join us on this journey. You will be blessed and together we’ll give glory to God.

8/25/2013 – Kingdom Living

8/18/2013 – Take That Log Out of Your Eye!

8/11/2013 – Earthly Vs Heavenly

7/21/2013 – Salt and Light

7/7/2013 – Persecuted

6/30/2013 – Peacemakers

6/16/2013 – A Pure Heart

6/2/2013 – Beatitudes

5/19/2013 – Blessed are the Meek


5/5/2013 – Powerless

4/28/2013 – Kingdom Living



be-churchsmallWe live in a world that has many misconceptions of the church and what the church really is and the role of the church in our world. There are those who are not followers or believers of Jesus who think the church is an organization or institution and that the church was designed by man. They believe the church is full of hypocrites, intolerant, judgmental and homophobic people. I hate to say this but they are right in some ways because the church is not made up of perfect people but people who are broken, hurting, bruised and flawed. There are those in the church who have been part of the church for years who have many misconceptions about the church as well. They believe the church is about “Them” and their traditions, heritage, ritual or the name on the building.

So how do we know what the church is all about and how can we “Be the Church” that God has called us to be? That is what this series is all about. We are going to take a journey through the letter Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus. We will discover that the church is not an institution, it’s not manmade but God planned and God designed the church from eternity. The church is full of broken people who have been redeemed by Christ through His blood. Because of all the blessings we have in Christ, our hearts desire is now to walk and “Live” differently in this world. The church (or Ekklesia) has a purpose and that is to give glory to God in everything we do… not just on Sundays. The church also has a Mission and it is God’s mission that He has called us to join Him in, which is to make His Love, His Grace, His Salvation and His will to be made known in a lost and dark world. Come join us in this journey as we let God transform us into the Church He has called us to be.

4/14/2014 – Dress for Battle

4/7/2013 – Giving Grace

3/31/2013 – Got Hope

3/24/2013 – The Triumphal Entry

3/17/20120 – Unapologetically Church of Christ – (Jason Darden)

3/10/2013 – Marriage Made in Heaven

3/3/2013 – Imitators

2/27/2013 – What are you wearing?

2/17/2013 – Walking Together

2/10/2013 – God’s Mission

2/3/2013 – God’s Family

1/20/2013 – God Starts With Sinners

1/13/2013 – Holy Spirit Sealed and Empowered

1/6/2013 The Church Has It’s Roots In Eternity

 “God’s Gift”

Every year when Christmas comes around we stress over what kind of present to give to the people we love and cherish. Some of our friends and family members can be very hard to buy for because we just don’t know what they want for Christmas. Our sermon series this year is, “God’s Gift” which will challenge us to give “God’s Gift” to others. If you are a Follower and Believer in Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have accepted God’s “Free Gift” you have opened His gift of love, grace and forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ. We believe this is the greatest gift you can give to anyone.  God calls His Church, Believers and Followers of Jesus to give His gift to others…You can say God wants us to be “Re-Gifters.”  He wants us to take the gift we have received from Him and give it to others. But we must give it away to others or it’s not a gift.  We want to be a people that give this give out of love for others no matter who they are, where they came from because everyone NEEDS God’s Gift.

God has called His people to Love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and to love others as He loved us.  By giving the gift we have received from God to others we not only show our love for God but we also show our love for others. God’s gift is not something we put in our dresser drawer or closet and never use it again. God’s gift is one of eternal hope, eternal peace and salvation. Come learn about God’s amazing gift and together be gift givers of God’s Gift…His Son!

12/30/2012 Built To Last

12/13/2012 – Giving The Gift That They Need

12/16/2012 – Regifting Is Expected

11/25/2012 – God”s Gift


The Ways of God
Many people in the world today believe in a caricature of God and not the One and Only True God of the Bible. Our goal in this series is to come and know the One and True God because what you believe about God and who He is will determine how you live your life. This series will look at the different attributes of God so that we may walk in His ways and come to fall in love with Him more and more as we know Him. Jesus said this is “Eternal Life” that you may come to know the One and True God and His Son Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3)
Come join us as we come to know God and as we learn to walk in His ways.

11/11/2012 – Learning to Walk in His Ways

11/4/2012 – The Ways of God are Loving

10/21/2012 – The Ways of God are Powerful

10/14/2012 – The Ways of God are Just

10/07/2012 – The Ways of God are Good

9/30/2012 – The Ways of God are Wise

9/23/2012 – The Ways of God are Gracious

9/16/2012 The- Ways 0f God: Sovereign

9/9/2012 – The Ways of God: Holy